Magic Sunset

​ We used to write poems together in the setting sun, Line by line, One her’s and the other mine, There was no match to Her perfectly rounded words, She used to write fiercely with her beautifully sculpted long fingers, While I used to be high on the purple and orange hues of the sky, … More Magic Sunset


​  “We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” – Anais Nin During my ride, I asked the boatman “Where do you live?” To which he replied: “My home is everywhere, In every water my shikara sails to, In the sparkling eyes of tourists, who view my world for the … More Shikara

Mind Soldiers

Cloudy skies, The sun managed to break them apart, But they were not to lose, fought back, Regained their front, Now even darker. So were my thoughts, conflicting amongst themselves, About the right and the wrong, About you and about me. In the dew filled grass, With wet clothes, all I thought about was you, … More Mind Soldiers


So this is the first hello of many more to come. The idea of blogging had been put up on hold for around a couple of years now. Finally getting the lazy bones to work I sit down to send warm regards to the fellow blogging family and readers… … More HELLO PEOPLE!!